Turning Pages: David Thomas reads from Exceptional Black Men in History

From Turning Pages:

Detective Dave Thomas has been with the Boise Police department for the last 19 1/2 years, and his current position is a school resource officer assigned to Timberline HS. He has also been assigned to the motor unit, night step and patrol team. He’s also retired from the United States Air Force, where he was assigned to the security forces unit, and worked as a combat arms instructor and flight chief. He has a B.S. in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland. He is married with three children; two boys and one girl!

Turning Pages is a collaborative effort featuring twelve local Boise BIPoC leaders, reading and discussing children’s books that hold deep meaning and importance to them. Each ten-minute episode includes the reader’s introduction of their personal journey, examples of overcoming barriers, celebrating who they are, and how each selected book has enriched, inspired, and encouraged them.

Turning Pages was created to center BIPoC voices and role models, while elevating the importance of reading and literacy. Each episode seeks to engage K-6th grade learners, teachers, and parents in discussion and awareness of the diversity of experience and expertise found in our community. Most episodes were filmed on location in Boise, ID where each leader works or makes their space.

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