What’s next for the Coalition.

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    Greg Hahn

    Friends — we have some grant money that is soon to expire after dwindling attendance in 2021 and no movement yet in 2022… let’s talk about what is next for our Coalition. Thoughts?

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    Calvin Pined

    Hey all. I’ve been continuing my antiracist personal education on my own time, but a thing that I valued about the collation meetings was just the bare bones sense of community that came from gathering with other humans. As the pandemic ekes and ebbs and flows, I am wondering if there is any interest in having something like a regular monthly in-person gathering? I know this normally would have been a first step in non-pandemic times, so I wanted to toss it out there.

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    Jason Sears

    Friends – I attended a few meetings and appreciated the sense of community, support, and encouragement. I think non-structured community is crucial for facilitating change. We all have different things to offer. I provide tools (platform & program) for facilitated social gatherings that are both in-person and virtual (I think the combo is the secret sauce!) – happy to help in holding space for this community on a regular basis. Totally free. More about us here: villageco.org

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    Ali Astrid Moto

    Hello All,
    I so want to support this coalition moving forward. I feel a meeting in person would be beneficial in supporting the coalition. I also understand that it is summer, many of us are taking much needed time to rest and play. And, many of us live very busy lives. How do we support each other and this important work moving forward?
    Ali Astrid Moto

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    Laura Kendall

    I think a monthly or quarterly meeting would be wonderful to meet in person. Thank you Greg for getting the conversation restarted!

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    Megan Brandel

    I concur with all that’s been stated above:

    -The coalition meetings were very valuable to me and informed my art, teaching, and work
    -Restarting monthly or quarterly meetings, in person or online, would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you Greg and all for caring and wanting to continue!
    ~Megan Brandel, Open Arms Dance Project

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    Tracy Sunderland

    I think communal meetings are valuable. I hope those can continue in some form. Yes, to the Coalition moving forward. Thank you.
    Tracy Sunderland
    Migration Theory

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    CL Young / Sema

    I agree with all of the above as well! I think it’s an important space to keep open for a number of reasons <3

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