Idaho Antiracism Resources

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Whether you are new to Idaho, new to antiracism, or just interested in learning more, these links and videos are a great place to start.

Essential reading, listening and viewing

Idaho Humanities Council Connected Conversation: The Black Experience in Idaho

“Turning Pages” features BIPOC leaders from Boise reading from some of their favorite books.

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Why Idaho’s Racist History Matters, Part 1 and Part 2, on Boise State Public Radio’s Idaho Matters

From BSPR: As the country continues to grapple with racial injustice and questions about white supremacy in 2020, we take a critical look at Idaho’s racist past. We think it’s important to examine our roots so we can better understand how we got here today and what steps we can take to be a more inclusive and equitable place for everyone.

The Cycle of Injustice, a series of videos presented by Idaho’s Wassmuth Center for Human Rights

From the Center: The Spiral of Injustice presents a downward spiral to explore injustice through the devolving sequence of language, avoidance, discrimination, violence, and elimination. As a model, the Spiral counters static images of injustice to present the fluidity and/or the internal and external motions of a community in which injustice becomes publicly apparent.

It rests on a fundamental principle that the biases one has are not inherent, but rather learned through individual, cultural and institutional prejudices, and reinforced through acts of discrimination that are both witnessed and performed throughout one’s life. While one cannot be divorced from his or her social and historical context, it is important to understand that what has been learned can be unlearned.

Idaho Humanities Council Connected Conversation: Minidoka, An American Concentration Camp

Idaho Humanities Council Connected Conversation: Native Women Writers and Colonial Domesticity at the Federal Indian Boarding Schools

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